how does the speaker show authority in Hawk roosting and another poem you have studied?      

How does Miller present ideas about witch-hunts in the Crucible? In the crucible

Either turn our discussion into a formal paragraph of analysis. two quotations

Max – The Right Word (1st) from Joel North on Vimeo.

I was currently in the worst lesson of the day listening to my teacher my Mr Aveen telling us a story about how one day he helped this old lady home I thought to my self”wasn’t theirs lesson meant to be about science” right where sir said this Is the good pat I just blanked […]

It was a cold dark night and I was trapped in an abandoned warehouse, I found a key and a card on a table in one of the rooms, so I started to think to myself”what are these for”. I turned on my phone to see if I could get any signal, nothing. The rain […]